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Introduction to CMake training The best thing a build system can do, is to not get in the way

The best thing a build system can do, is to not get in the way

CMake is the de facto standard build system for C and C++ outside of frameworks that require their own. It has earned this place by supporting the situations and special cases that arise in real projects.

CMake even has strong support for building Qt applications, and it’s a good alternative if you hit limitations in qmake.

This course will teach the basics of creating and building projects with CMake. In recent years, CMake has introduced some cleaner and more precise constructs. The course will focus on the new constructs where possible.

Introduction to CMake – Course Contents

  • Build system overview; targets and dependencies
  • Building executables and libraries
  • CMake language and debugging
  • Platform-independence
  • Using and writing package finders
  • Code generators
  • Cross compilation

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Why learn CMake?

CMake is the de facto standard build system for new cross-platform C / C++ projects. It has broad functionality that covers many real world problems, enabling you to solve advanced build requirements. This includes cross-platform builds, feature detection based on platform or available libraries, built-time configurable feature switches and custom build steps.

Course Information: Introduction to CMake

Target audience: C and C++ developers
Prerequisite: Experience with build systems
Duration: Two-day training course
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Our trainings run from 9:00 to 16:00 (with a one hour window for discussion afterwards, if necessary)

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