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February ’20 – monthly digest


How not to lose the alpha channel when converting between QRgb/QColor/QString

by Milian Wolff

Working on color imagery for QiTissue recently, I realized we were accidentally losing the alpha channel in multiple places. For efficiency reasons, we keep colors in memory using the QRgb type, and convert that to/from QString for serialization purposes via QColor as needed.

Here’s what I discovered about why that doesn’t work, and some ways I fixed it.

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Making Industrial Applications Match iPhone Expectations Why Qt is the perfect tool for modernizing your SCADA HMI

by Christoph Sterz

Having implemented attractive SCADA HMIs for our customers, we’ve discovered that Qt is the right tool to build the modern SCADA system – here’s why.

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Qt World Summit Videos on-line

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

See the KDAB talk playlist, catch up with the latest news, improvements and best practices around Qt and its ecosystem, all from the comfort of your office chair.

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Choosing a CPU Is the iMX8 right for your project?

by Till Adam

Because a new hardware platform entails a costly investment in hardware engineering, electrical design and software development – as well as being the basis for future product spin-offs – it makes sense to consider your hardware selection wisely.

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Choosing a Software Stack Is Qt right for your project?

by Till Adam

At KDAB we often help companies in their software assessment process. Here’s some of the considerations we use to help customers select a software stack that can stand the test of time, whether it’s Qt or something else better suited to their particular case.

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KDAB at Embedded World 2020

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