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March ’20 – monthly digest


Ideas for working from home

by Kirsi Sutherland

KDAB has had home workers since its inception twenty years ago. But not everybody is familiar with how to do it successfully. In this post, Kirsi shares some insights on the challenges facing a newbie home worker.

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Debugging and Profiling Qt 3D Apps Learn about new 5.15 features and other useful tools

by Mike Krus

In this article, we look at some of the tools, both old and new, that can be used to investigate what Qt 3D is doing in the back end and get some insight into what is going on during the frame.

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Using Visual Studio Code for Qt Applications – Part One A Technical Guide

by Alessandro Ambrosano

A few weeks ago, we published an article with an overview of Visual Studio Code through the eyes of a Qt developer.

In this short blog series, I will show you how to get up to speed with a Qt project using Visual Studio Code more in detail. Before digging into the Qt parts, I’d like to go through an overview of the bits and pieces that are needed to configure any C++ project.

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Getting rid of “volatile” in (some of) Qt

by Giuseppe D’Angelo The upcoming version of the C++ Standard (C++2a) is proposing to deprecate certain usages of the volatile keyword, by adopting the P1152 proposal (Deprecating volatile).

I took the occasion for digging a bit into Qt’s own usages of volatile. I didn’t do a thorough search through the entirety of Qt because I’ve also tried to fix the mis-usages…

In this blog post I am going to share some of my discoveries.

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GammaRay 2.11.1 released

We have released version 2.11.1 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. The changes mainly focus on establishing full compatibility with Qt 5.14 as well as bugfixes and performance improvements, but there’s also a few new features.

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Stop wasting time in 3D design and development! A KUESA™ 3D Studio Tutorial

The latest from KDAB Academy tutorials, showing you how to optimize your workflow using KUESA Studio and the new iro materials.

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Introduction to Qt/QML – Module 3

This Module is all about explaining the various ways users interact with your application, beginning with Mouse and Touch handling. This is Part 13 in the full series.

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February/March Events

Embedded World, Nuremberg, February 25-27

KDAB exhibited at Embedded World 2020 for the tenth year in a row, just before the coronavirus outbreak brought everything to a halt.

Read and download more about it here.

See the videos on KDAB TV.

emBO++, Bochum, March 13-15

We attended and Marc Mutz gave a very well-received talk: “Partially-Formed Objects For Fun and Profit”.

Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19, many planned events have been postponed or cancelled this year.

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