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Starting in 2020, we’re making a page with a digest of KDAB blogs, news and publications each month, so it’s easy to look back over the year and see what KDAB’s been up to. Enjoy.

May 2020

Blogs Why is my screen still black by Robert Brock A digestible blog on common render issues and what their cause could be, Part 2. So, you tried everything from the first part, and your screen is still a backlighting test? …We’ve gathered another five reasons this could be happening and how to go about […]

April 2020

Blogs An engineer answers the doorbell by Andreas Holzammer A funky solution during a pandemic, when most of the office is empty. Read more… Qt, range-based for loops and structured bindings Part 1 by Ivan Čukić The evolution of the C++ programming language and Qt. Read more… Why is my screen Black? A digestible blog […]

March 2020

Blogs Ideas for working from home by Kirsi Sutherland KDAB has had home workers since its inception twenty years ago. But not everybody is familiar with how to do it successfully. In this post, Kirsi shares some insights on the challenges facing a newbie home worker. Read on… Debugging and Profiling Qt 3D Apps Learn […]

February 2020

Blogs How not to lose the alpha channel when converting between QRgb/QColor/QString by Milian Wolff Working on color imagery for QiTissue recently, I realized we were accidentally losing the alpha channel in multiple places. For efficiency reasons, we keep colors in memory using the QRgb type, and convert that to/from QString for serialization purposes via […]

January 2020

Blogs A little hidden gem: QStringIterator by Giuseppe D’Angelo and Marc Mutz A few days ago Marc Mutz, colleague of mine at KDAB and also author in this blog, spotted a function from Qt’s source code (documentation). Apart from the mistake of considering empty strings not uppercase, which can be easily fixed, the loop in the […]