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KDDockWidgets 1.5.0 Released


We just released KDDockWidgets 1.5.0!

What is KDDockWidgets?

KDDockWidgets is a development framework for custom-tailored docking systems in Qt, to use when you need advanced docking that is not supported by QDockWidgets. It was created by Sergio Martins as a time-saving alternative to QDockWidgets. The ease-of-use of KDDockWidgets can save you lots of frustration as well, in that you won’t have to deal with the myriad bugs and the difficulties and complexities faced when working with QDockWidgets.

What’s new in this release?

As the product is maturing, we’re not adding many new features and there are not many bugs that need to be fixed.

In this update, KDDockWidget’s co-installability with Qt 6 is improved from that in earlier versions. Additionally, support for all versions of Qt that are older than 5.15 is no longer available. 1.5.0 also comes with support for creating a non-detachable central widget, via the MainWindowOption_HasCentralWidget Config option.

For more information

For more of the highlights of this release and to download it, click here.

To read more about KDDockWidgets, visit this page.


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