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Hotspot v1.5.0 released The Linux perf GUI for Performance Analysis

Hotspot is a standalone GUI designed to provide a user-friendly interface for analyzing performance data. It takes a file, parses and evaluates its contents, and presents the results in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner. Our goal with Hotspot is to offer a modern alternative to perf report, making performance analysis on Linux systems more intuitive and efficient.

ChangeLog for Hotspot v1.5.0

It comes packed with a wealth of code cleanups, bug fixes and new functionality. Most notably, the disassembly view has been further improved with better searching, highlighting and faster performance.

Furthermore, we reworked the authentication mechanism to allow perf record to be run directly, with elevated priveleges, via pkexec, obsoleting the error prone old mechanism (see also

We now also fully support Qt6 and KF6, while keeping compatibility with Qt5 and KF5. The AppImage below is still built with Qt5 but it might be the last time that we do this. The next version might become Qt6 only.

Many thanks to the various contributors who help build this software, both by writing code as well as reporting bugs.

To get a more detailed scope over all the changes in this new release, check out the full changelog on GitHub. More information about Hotspot can be obtained on its GitHub page or by watching this video.

Happy profiling everyone 🚀

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