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GammaRay 2.11.3 Released! The Last Release in the 2.11 Series

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GammaRay 2.11.3 has been released! GammaRay is KDAB’s software introspection tool for Qt applications. Leveraging the QObject introspection mechanism, it allows you to observe and manipulate your application at runtime. This works both locally on your workstation and remotely on an embedded target. Version 2.11.3 will be the last in the 2.11 series.

After this release, we will turn our attention to GammaRay 3.0, with the primary focus of adding support for Qt 6.

The release highlights can be found here. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to find downloads for GammaRay 2.11.3.

There are several GammaRay tutorials on our YouTube channel. Check out the playlist.

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