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GammaRay 2.11.0 Release

We have released version 2.11.0 of our Qt application monitoring tool GammaRay. GammaRay allows you to observe behavior and data structures of Qt code inside your program live at runtime.

GammaRay 2.11 comes with a new inspection tool for Qt’s event handling, providing even more insights into the inner working of your application. Besides looking at the events and their properties as they occur the event monitor visualizes event propagation as it happens for Qt Quick or Qt Widgets input handling.

GammaRay event monitor log view

GammaRay event monitor log view

Additionally the event monitor provides statistics on how often which type of event occurred, as well as fine-grained filtering options to find the events interesting for you even in a huge dataset.

GammaRay event monitor type view

GammaRay event type view

Another major new feature is the network operation inspector. This allows you to observe the HTTP operations triggered via QNetworkAccessManager and helps to optimize network interactions, identify leaked QNetworkReply objects and ensure that all operations are encrypted.

GammaRay network operations view

GammaRay network operation inspector

Next to this, GammaRay 2.11 got support for more data types (such as the QJson* classes), a new thread affinity checker for the problem reporter, and of course compatibility with the just released Qt 5.13. Behind the scenes we also did some work on performance, improving the responsiveness on large and/or busy inspected applications.

GammaRay 2.11 is available as part of the just released Qt Automotive Suite 5.13 including QtCreator integration and professional support, or GPL-licensed on Github.

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