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KDSoap 2.2.0 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of KDSoap version 2.2.0, an update that brings new enhancements to improve both the general build system and client-side functionality.

What is KDSoap?

KDSoap, a SOAP (“Simple Object Access Protocol“) component rooted in Qt, serves as an essential tool for both client-side and server-side operations. Tailored for C++ programmers using Qt, it not only facilitates the creation of client applications for web services but also empowers developers to seamlessly build web services without requiring additional components like dedicated web servers. For further details on KDSoap, visit here.

What’s New in KDSoap Version 2.2.0?

Build System Co-installability: The buildsystem now supports the co-installability of Qt 5 and Qt 6 headers. Qt 6 headers are installed into their dedicated subdirectory. This ensures compatibility with client code and allows co-installation with Qt 5.


  • WS-Addressing Support: The new release adds KDSoapClientInterface::setMessageAddressingProperties(). This addition enables the use of WS-Addressing support specifically with WSDL-generated services.
  • SOAP Action Requirement Removal: KDSoap no longer requires a SOAP action for writing addressing properties.

WSDL Parser / Code Generator Changes:

Enhanced -import-path Support: Notable changes have been made to the WSDL parser and code generator, impacting both client and server sides. The update improves -import-path support by incorporating the import path in more areas within the code. This refinement enhances the overall functionality of the parser and code generator.

These updates collectively contribute to a more streamlined and efficient experience for KDSoap users, addressing specific issues and introducing valuable features to facilitate seamless integration with Qt-based applications. For detailed information and to explore these enhancements, we refer to the KDSoap documentation accompanying version 2.2.0 on GitHub.

How to Get Started with KDSoap Version 2.2.0?

For existing users, upgrading to the latest version is as simple as downloading the new release from the GitHub page. If you are new to KDSoap, we invite you to explore its capabilities and discover how it can streamline your web service development process.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and contributions to make KDSoap even better. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions or bug reports on our GitHub repository.

Thank you for choosing KDSoap, and happy coding!

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