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KDAB at Embedded World Nuremberg, 25 - 27 February 2020

Nuremberg, 25 - 27 February 2020

Embedded World is Europe’s leading trade fair for embedded technology and this year takes place from the 25th to 27th of February in Nuremberg, Germany. As in previous years we will be sharing a stand with The Qt Company and other Qt partners. You can find us in Hall 4-258 .

2020 will be the tenth year that KDAB exhibits at Embedded World, in Nuremberg, Germany.

When we started exhibiting, there were only five halls compared to today’s seven, so the event continues to grow and remain relevant, in a world where most interaction takes place on-line.

In those ten years, trends have come and gone, with the emphasis moving from medical devices to industrial equipment and ‘automotive everywhere’, while slowly but surely software has taken center stage.

Hardware is still important, but there is less and less differentiating factor in electronics and casings when creating an embedded device nowadays, so we believe only software can really give a product the edge it needs to be successful.

At our booth in Hall 4-258, we will once again demonstrate some examples of this we are proud of, using C++, Qt/QML and 3D:

Speidels Braumeister

We recently helped develop the display for the Braumeister beer brewing machine. This is the latest product from a company making the shift to using digital user interfaces, in line with today’s customer expectations. With our help, they managed the transition brilliantly.

Come and see the brewing machine and learn how we can help your company to reach the same goal.

  • UI and process control for a home brewing appliance
  • Rich and intuitive Qt Quick frontend
  • Adapted to cost-effective hardware
  • Yocto-based platform customization
  • KDAB provided full-stack support from BSP to UI effects

Unu Dashboard for electric scooter

We will also show the Unu scooter digital dashboard, developed by KDAB while Unu engineers focused on other parts of the stack. The end result was a product that was brought to market quickly and efficiently.

  • Navigation framework integrated with Qt Quick scene
  • Speedometer implemented using OpenGL shaders
  • Running on a Yocto-based platform

Watch the video

Viper demo on Variscite DART-MX8M

This is a Qt 3D application created with KUESA™, smoothly running on a Variscite DART-MX8M.

  • Streamlined integration of 3D content from e.g. 3DS Max and Blender
  • High-performance real-time rendering
  • Uses Qt and Qt 3D engine

Watch a tutorial on Kuesa

At our booth, you can also see:

Qi – Cellular Tissue Imaging in Qt 3D
  • 3D visualization of microscopy of tissue samples
  • 2D images from cutting edge clinical diagnostics data sets
  • Real-time conversion to 3D from 30 image channels using Qt 3D

Watch the video...

KDAB GammaRay + Qt Automotive Suite
  • GammaRay
    • High-level introspection tool for Qt applications
    • Insight into Qt Quick and Qt 3D scene graphs
    • Visual state machine debugger
    • Inspect models, layouts, rendering and much more

find out more about GammaRay…

  • Qt Automotive Suite
    • Neptune reference HMI
    • Qt 3D with physics based rendering (PBR)
    • Runtime introspection with GammaRay
    • Multi-process application management and composition

find out more about Qt Automotive Suite…

Profiling and Analysis Tools

Is Qt right for your project? Come and talk to our experts.

Weighing up the pros and cons of different frameworks for your project is not a straightforward task. There’s a lot to consider, from legacy systems and skills to target platforms, low or high-end hardware and 2D or 3D display.

KDAB has lots of experience helping customers evaluate whether Qt is the right choice. We know all about the Qt framework and license options, as well as a great deal about other possible choices that might be better for your project. Find out more, read our article, Is Qt Right for Your Project and How Can You Tell?

Come and get a free, unbiased consultation on whether Qt is right for your project from KDAB experts at our stand in Hall 4-258.

IMX8 or IMX8M?

For those especially interested in IMX8 or IMX8M, we will be showing a Qt 3D application created with KUESA™, smoothly running on a Variscite DART-MX8M at the KDAB booth –  possibly one of few IMX8M demos to be shown at this trade-show.

Come to our booth if you have any questions around embedded software, or if you are wondering, for example, about switching from the i.MX 6 to an i.MX 8 for your project, and if so, to which version.

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