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May ’20 – monthly digest


Why is my screen still black

by Robert Brock

A digestible blog on common render issues and what their cause could be, Part 2.

So, you tried everything from the first part, and your screen is still a backlighting test? …We’ve gathered another five reasons this could be happening and how to go about fixing them.

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Automating tasks in Qt Creator

by Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos

Nicolas explains what we did to make migrations easier, and why it’s more fun to create a tool to do the work than doing it yourself (especially if you’re lazy).

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Using Visual Studio Code for Qt Applications – Part 2

by Alessandro Ambrosano

Alessandro tells you how to get a complete setup for your qmake and CMake projects. A comprehensive deep dive to help you with your workflow.

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May edition of KDAB News

Qt News follow-up, Qt 5.15, Qt Multimedia, KUESA 3D Studio 1.2, Flutter 1.17, and much more.

Watch the video here…

Qt 5.15 released

Reported to be the most stable release in the Qt 5 series and a stepping stone towards Qt 6, Qt 5.15 has plenty of new features. (In case you’re wondering about Qt 3D, KDAB has your back on that).

Read more about the Qt 5.15 release…

Using CMake with Qt

with Kevin Funk

Kevin gave this talk at Qt Virtual Tech Con last month. (See more about Qt Virtual Tech Con below). In the talk, Kevin introduced Qt specific CMake functionalities to help you find and use Qt5 inside your personal CMake-based project, using modern CMake capabilities. He also discussed how to find Qt installs and much more… and there’s a Q&A at the end of this recorded webinar.

Watch the talk and download the slides…

Kuesa 3D Studio vs conventional 3D design

Kuesa 3D is a complete design-to-code workflow solution for 3D in real-time applications, centered around the open glTF™ 2 3D format, supported by Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max. We’re releasing version 1.2 in early June.

Check out what you can do with Kuesa™ 3D Studio in this short video.

What’s new in Kuesa 1.2? Free live webinar June 4th / June 18th

Find out more about Kuesa 3D Studio and the latest improvements in a one hour, fact-filled exchange between two of the product developers of Kuesa™ 3D: Paul Lemire and Timo Buske.

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June 4th at 18:00 CEST: Read more and register here…

June 18th at 08:00 CEST: Read more and register here…

Online One Day Training – Jun 17

Qt’s Model/View framework for widget development. A rare opportunity to interact with Jesper Pedersen in real-time, in this exceptional online training opportunity from KDAB.

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Module 5 – Intro to Qt/QML released

And it’s all about creating animations in QML, delivered as usual, by the unbeatable Jesper Pedersen. It starts at number 23 in the complete series, which you’ll find by clicking the image.

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Qt Virtual Tech Con talks released

Last month’s on-line event was packed with talks related to the latest Qt release and more. Access the talks here…

C++ Events in June

There are two more interesting virtual C++ focused events happening this month that you might want to check out!

Events later this year

Check out the Resource Page we created for you…


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