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GammaRay 2.10.0 Release

We have released version 2.10.0 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. GammaRay allows you to observe behavior and data structures of Qt code inside your program live at runtime. GammaRay 2.10 comes with an entirely new inspection tool for QtLocation geo positioning data. Besides visualizing the currently provided positioning data on a map, it […]

GammaRay 2.9.1 Release

We have released version 2.9.1 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. Besides important improvements for use in Android APK bundles this release fixes a number of corner cases in the Qt Quick remote view, including crashes and corrupt view content when encountering certain non-integer high DPI scaling factors. Problems with activating the Qt 3D […]

Qt Automotive Suite 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Automotive Suite 2.0, the Qt solution for digital cockpits, developed in collaboration between KDAB, The Qt Company and Luxoft. The Qt Automotive Suite provides OEMs and Tier1s with powerful frameworks and tools to build a consistent user experience for both the instrument cluster and the center […]

GammaRay 2.8.1 Release

We have released version 2.8.1 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. This release contains a number of important bugfixes as well as support for Qt 5.9.2. Especially if you are experiencing corrupt views or crashes when searching in the object tree, or having trouble attaching to a process on Windows, you want to upgrade […]

GammaRay 2.4.1 released - important bug fixes and performance improvements

The GammaRay 2.4.1 release focuses on important bug fixes and performance improvements. This includes a resource leak in the property editor, correct handling of selections in not yet loaded sub-trees, improvements to runtime attaching on Windows, and crash fixes when encountering associative iterable or multi-inheriting types. Meanwhile we are also working hard on the upcoming […]

GammaRay 2.4 released

We released a new major version of GammaRay, KDAB’s Qt runtime introspection tool, in December 2015. Besides bringing you initial support for Qt 5.6, we focused on enhancing your productivity with large target applications. This includes various performance improvements such as a much faster object search, a new property editor that can dive into composite […]

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