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GammaRay 2.10.0 Release

We have released version 2.10.0 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. GammaRay allows you to observe behavior and data structures of Qt code inside your program live at runtime.

GammaRay 2.10 comes with an entirely new inspection tool for QtLocation geo positioning data. Besides visualizing the currently provided positioning data on a map, it also allows you to override this data, either manually or via replaying an NMEA GPS log. So there’s no need to physically move around anymore when debugging location-aware applications 😉

Also new is the new centralized problem report view. While so far inspection tools that noticed an issue in the application code reported that in their own way, we now have the infrastructure to collect this in a single place, including navigation to the corresponding source code location where available. This view now also allows to scan the entire application for certain problem types.

GammaRay problem report view

Another easily noticeable change is the new consolidated system information view, that unifies system environment and system paths views, and can show a number of additional pieces of information about the Qt installation used by the analyzed application.

GammaRay unified system information view

The QPainter paint analyzer got significant improvements once more. After GammaRay 2.9 introduced the painter profiler, we have now also got object navigation for the Qt Quick software renderer (with Qt 5.12 or newer). That is, you can navigate to the Qt Quick item responsible for the paint operation you are looking at. We also considerably improved the performance of the paint analyzer on Windows.

GammaRay paint analyzer with object navigation

A less visible but quite impactful change is that GammaRay no longer triggers the on demand Qt Quick anchor object creation by accessing the anchor related properties, but can inspect those without side-effects now. There’s many more fixes and improvements of course, such as correct palette usage in the style inspector, reduced network load in the property view or improved performance of the GDB injector, to name just a few.

GammaRay is available as part of the Qt Automotive Suite including QtCreator integration and professional support, or GPL-licensed on Github.

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