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KDAB at QtCon 2016

Many KDABians attended and contributed to QtCon, the wholly new event we co-created along with Qt Contributors, KDE Akademy, VideoLan and FSFE this summer. In contrast to Qt World Summit where the focus was more on inspiration, the emphasis at this event was on high quality technical content and support for developers. KDAB’s commitment involved […]

GammaRay 2.6.0 – a major new release

GammaRay Model Inspector. GammaRay 2.6 brings you three major new features: We merged the previous model and selection models tools into a new, unified QAbstractItemModel inspector, allowing you to now also see selections and cell flags, as well as to inspect deactivated cells. The new Wayland compositor inspector enables you to observe Wayland clients of […]

KDAB talks at QtCon 2016

Hello! This is a small wrap-up fromQtCon, the biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016, that happened at the beginning of September. At QtCon the Qt community joined forces with the KDE, FSFE and VideoLAN communities, to create an exciting event in the spirit of open collaboration and participation amongst projects. During QtCon many KDAB […]

CppCon and Qt

KDAB was proud to sponsor CppCon this year, continuing to foster the Qt / C++ connection, talking about Qt and soaking up the immense range of C++ knowledge on display. KDAB’s Giuseppe D’Angelo gave a much appreciated, two-day Qt Widgets training as a pre-conference class, a condensed version of one of our scheduled Qt trainings, […]