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KDE development how it was done in the last century QtCon presentation

A retrospective on the KDE community from 20 years ago and how things were done back then, with an emphasis on community spirit and fun facts.

Over time, the KDE community has seen many people join and leave, as with any open source community, which means that very few people in the current community still know about the initial culture. Many of the mantras and jokes from the very old days didn’t make it to these days, and this presentation is an attempt at sharing more of the initial KDE culture to the current generation.

Beyond the possibly surprising way that development was done at the time (for instance, do you know what was used before subversion? CVS. And before CVS?), it is particularly interesting to realize that many of the things in the architecture that we consider fixed and unchanging now, were subject to a much greater amount creativity back then. Maybe this presentation will encourage the current community to be creative again in these areas?

Happy 20 years, KDE !

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