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Qt 3D Basics Kevin Ottens


Having 3D scenes in your application is becoming a clear trend and is likely to become even more important in the future with the growth of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. So far Qt was allowing you to integrate with Open GL fairly easily, but managing the rendering code itself was still a very challenging task.

That’s why Qt 5.7 will provide a new module named Qt 3D. In this talk we will cover the basics of its API. In particular, we will highlight how it eases the creation of 3D scenes, but we’ll also point out that it is a full simulation engine and as such can do much more than 3D rendering.


Since writing 3D code from scratch can be very difficult and since getting the architecture of your rendering engine right is critical to your application, Qt 3D will offload those risks from you so that you can focus on your actual simulation and 3D scene content.

In this talk, we will cover the basics of Qt 3D’s API. In particular it is structured around an Entity Component System (ECS) architecture which will be introduced. We will also present how to add geometries and materials to your scene or how to deal with user’s input. If time permits, we will also cover the integration between Qt 3D and Qt Quick.

This talk will be interesting to any developer having to implement a 3D scene inside an application using Qt. No prior knowledge of Open GL or GPU programming is required for this talk.

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