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November ’20 – monthly digest


Qt 3D Renderer changes and improvements in Qt 6

by Paul Lemire

With Qt 6 well on its way, it’s about time we go over some of the internal changes and optimizations made to Qt 3D for the upcoming release.

In a separate article, my colleague Mike Krus has already highlighted the API changes we’ve made in Qt 3D for Qt 6. This post will dive into the internal changes.

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Qt 3D changes in Qt 6

by Mike Krus

Qt 6 is nearly upon us and, while this has not been addressed by other publications, Qt 3D is also introducing a number of changes with this major release. This includes changes in the public API, bringing a number of new features, and many internal changes to improve performance and leverage new, low level graphics features introduced in QtBase.

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Qt and the unu dashboard

by Tobias Naetterlund

KDAB has been working closely with unu to create the dashboard application for their innovative, affordable, next-generation unu electric scooter.

In this blog post, we will have a look at some of the internals of the dashboard application to see what is going on behind the scenes while driving.

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by Kalle Dalheimer

Kalle looks at the industrial heartland and outlines the investment path that will keep you at the forefront of your industry, asking “Are you ready for the 21st century user?” Engineering excellence and a global brand won’t save you if you’re not.

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We’ve released KDReports 1.9

KD Reports is a developer tool that generates printable and exportable reports from code and from XML descriptions. From this release on, KD Reports no longer supports Qt 4.

We’ve also added AbstractTableElement::setColumnConstraints, which allows you to control the widths of columns in tables.

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KDAB Training – online

Testing Qt in Squish and Programming with Qt for Qt 3D has now been added to our online training portfolio.

Let us know what other online training classes you’d like to see in 2021.

Recent Online Events

Sept 7 – 11

The talks for Qt Desktop Days are all out now. You can catch insightful critiques and links to them or go straight to the playlist.

Nov 12 – 14

This was the first online edition of Meeting C++, the European C++ conference. KDAB was proud to be Gold sponsor at this excellent event and KDAB’s Marc Mutz presented Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit. The presentations will all be posted online and you can already watch a few of them now.

Nov 16 – 19

KDAB was Gold sponsor at Qt Day Italy, (no steak and wine in Florence, this year, sadly, as it was also online). KDAB’s Giuseppe D’Angelo offered a workshop – Back to Basics: writing a model, and Mike Krus gave a talk: What’s new in 3D for Qt: 5.14, 5.15 and beyond.

The program will be available online for non-attendees in the New Year.

Upcoming Events

ESE Kongress, Nov 30 – Dec 4

The German-speaking conference for the embedded software industry – virtual this year. KDAB’s Anton Kreuzkamp is presenting Kann das nicht der Compiler machen? – Maßgeschneidertes Code-Refactoring mit Clang-Tooling.

Cpp – Summit 2020, Dec 4 – 5

Hosted in China, this for us is a new event in the C++ field, showing the continuing interest in C++ globally. Bjarne Stroustrup will give the keynote and KDAB’s Ivan Čukić will present his talk ‘Don’t sacrifice the API to speed’

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