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KD Reports 1.9.0 Released

KDAB has released KD Reports 1.9.0! KD Reports is a developer tool that generates printable and exportable reports from code and from XML descriptions. Reports may contain text paragraphs, tables, headlines, charts, headers and footers and more.

Starting with this release, 1.9.0, KD Reports no longer supports Qt 4. However, KD Reports 1.8.2 and lower are still available with support for Qt 4. Our future efforts with KD Reports will go towards supporting Qt 6, which is due to come out soon.

Additionally, for KD Reports 1.9.0, we’ve added AbstractTableElement::setColumnConstraints, which allows you to control the widths of columns in tables. In the more recent versions of Qt, if you let Qt decide on the width of the columns for you, it might give you an odd column width, such as 1 character wide. A column that is 1 character wide can make it almost impossible to fit an entire word on one line within the column. This new release of KD Reports will give you full control over the widths of your table columns.

You can find the full list of highlights of KDAB Reports 1.9.0 here.

Find out more about KD Reports here.

If you’d like to take a look at the documentation, click here.

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