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Testing Qt with Squish Learn how to test your Qt application

Learn how to test your Qt application

What is the most important thing about a tool for automatic testing?

Often the answer is not that it will reliably test your application, but instead that it will reliably test your application tomorrow  when you have adapted the application slightly!

The ambition of this training course is that you will learn to use Squish for testing your application, over and over again – with much reduced efforts versus before.

The techniques you learn involve recording a script with Squish and then adapting this into a piece of reusable code that is much less likely to break with the next version of the application it tests.

Content Covers:

  • Recording your first script, Verifying the Result
  • Getting stable scripts by programming
  • Optional, Python Introduction and/or Java script Introduction
  • Refactoring your scripts
  • Object Identification, Data driven testing, Qt Event Handling, File Access, GUI Coverage
  • Behavior-Driven Testing
  • Customized Object Identification, Automatic test runs, Special Purpose Squish

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Please contact if you are interested in future courses or if you need information about On-Site classes which can be given at any time and place you choose.

Course Information: Testing Qt with Squish

Target audience: Testers or programmers to support testers
Duration & Prerequisite: 3 Days training – Limited programming experience (you know the basics of programming, but you don’t necessarily have much experience).
Variants for on-site training:
2 days training Basic Qt programming knowledge. This training course (optionally) includes a short introduction to Python
3 days training Limited programming experience (you know the basics of programming, but you don’t necessarily have much experience).
4 days training For non-programmers. This training course contains extra material for testers without any programming experience.
5 days training Similar to the 3 or 4 days training course, but at your request; potential leftover time can be invested in getting your application’s work flow up and running with Squish.

Why learn about Squish GUI Tester?

Manual testing of user interfaces in applications is often a very complex and error-prone activity. Squish is a proven GUI test automation tool for functional GUI regression tests.

Companies in all types of industries, including KDAB, use Squish to reduce the time spent on GUI testing software releases while increasing the quality of their applications.

Squish offers:

  • Intelligent Recording and Playback of test scripts
  • Comprehensive Test Validation
  • Multiple Non-Proprietary Scripting Languages

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