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March ’21 – monthly digest


Using Qt datatypes in Standard Library unordered containers

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

In the previous blog post about qHash, we explained:

  • how to declare an overload of qHash for your own datatypes;
  • how to hash Qt datatypes for which Qt does not provide a qHash overload; and
  • why you can’t use a type from the Standard Library (or just another library) as a key in QHash (newsflash: this has changed! More on it later).

In this post, we’ll continue our discussion regarding hashing functions, tackling a specific problem, namely, how to use a Qt datatype as a key of a Standard Library unordered associative container.

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Kann das nicht der Compiler machen?

Maßgeschneidertes C/C++ Tooling mit Clang

by Anton Kreuzkamp and Kevin Funk

Die Autoren erklaren in diesem Blog, wie es möglich ist, mithilfe von Clang (ein C/C++ Compiler), eine auf ihre Bedürfnisse angepasste, statische Codeanalyse zu entwickeln.

Um so wenig Rechenzeit wie nur möglich in anspruch zu nehmen, nutzt er den Low Level Code, welcher automatisch mit beistand von dem Compiler überprüft und umgeschrieben werden.

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Efficient custom shapes in QtQuick: shaders

by James Turner

In his previous post on this subject, James talked about creating the geometry for a custom sector item and making a perfectly curved edge for our sector, and much more.

This post is about writing shaders and QtQuick scene graph materials and creating a foolproof API to give to UX designers that won’t break when they get creative and add stuff you might not have thought of.

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Running Qt Without a GPU

by Zeno Endemann

Our partner Toradex hosted a blog of Zeno’s we thought you’d like to read:

Is it possible to get complex graphical software like Qt running smoothly on a small, economical device like the Toradex Colibri iMX6ULL? Yes – it sure is.

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6 Things to consider: Before switching to Qt 6

Giuseppe D’Angelo offers 6 tips that will save you time and give you best practices when you’re ready to switch, as well as the impact Qt 6 will have on your applications if you choose not to.

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Kuesa 3D Studio Designer Workflow – Parts 2 and 3 released

Last month we introduced you to Part 1. Parts 2 and 3 complete the series of Kuesa 3D Studio videos by designers for designers.

Part 2 – Kirsi Sutherland shows how to import 3D into QML, how to test it, and make it interactive.

Part 3 – Nuno Pinheiro shows how to make final adjustments to create a more believable reflection.

See the full Kuesa playlist here…

KUESA 3D Mesh Instantiator API – for developers in Qt 3D

Paul Lemire shows how this often-overlooked feature in Qt 3D makes it easier for developers to leverage Qt 3D’s instanced drawing.

Watch the video here…

Introduction to QML – Module 9

This is the last module of our acclaimed QML series. The first in the series of 4 in Module 9 tells you about the basics of model/view from the C++ level and comes out of KDAB’s extensive training material. You can see it here.

It took us just over a year to create Introduction to Qt/QML, at a rate of about one module a month – 54 videos in all. Big thanks to our viewers for all the support, feedback, and questions during the year.

This isn’t the end for Qt/QM, though. KDAB will be back in due course with more tips to make your coding life more efficient and more fun, meanwhile…

Watch the video…

Qt Widgets and More – Updates

There are three additions to the Qt Widgets and More series for your edification and delight:

Avoiding QVariant::fromValue around your Own Types Document Templates in Qt Creator – Part 1 Document Templates in Qt Creator – Part 2


Updates to KDAB Training

Advanced QML Online (Europe), 15 – 17 June

We’ve added an extra Advanced QML training to our schedule. Sign up while seats last. Date changes

Testing Qt with Squish Online (USA), May 3 – 7 (was May 17 – 21) Sign up…

Formation Qt Widgets Online (in French), Sept 21 – 23 (was Sept 28 – 30) Sign up…

Modern C++ – C++11/C++14/C++17, (Berlin), Oct 26 – 29 (was Sept 28 – 30) Sign up…



Qt Embedded Days

KDAB is hosting this new, online, free event next month! We had a great response to our Call for Papers. Thank you to all who contributed!

In-depth technical talks across two days, from a wide range of speakers. What’s not to like! We’ll have the program sorted soon, but meantime you can see the abstracts and the speakers.

Check out the speakers…

Other Events coming up

Qt Desktop Days – May 19 – 20

As previously announced, we’re back, with our acclaimed online Qt event. The CfP is open now. Contribute a talk before April 25th! Find out more and sign up…


Qt Day Italy – all year

This year, QtDay 2021 offers a series of online events focused on Qt across the year.


Qt Dev/Des Days – May 18 – 21

After we announced our Qt Desktop Days, The Qt Company announced this event for designers. Unfortunate timing, but these things happen and, as they’re both online, it should be possible to catch the recorded talks later if you’re interested in both.

For KDAB’s plentiful offerings for Designer-Developers, see and as well as the videos mentioned above.

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