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KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit 2019 Nov 4 - 6

KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit

KDAB was Gold Sponsor at Qt World Summit. We ran the pre-conference Training Day, offering fourteen top-notch talks in the program and celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a party for attendees on the evening of November 5th.

We also had a stunning array of demos for attendees to the 2019 Berlin event. Check them out.

Speidels Braumeister – full stack

  • UI and process control for a Home Brewing Appliance
  • Rich and intuitive QML frontend
  • Adapted to cost-effective hardware
  • Yocto-based platform customization
  • KDAB provided full-stack support from BSP to UI Effects

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unu: Dashboard for latest Electric Scooter

  • Navigation framework integrated with Qt Quick scene
  • Speedometer implemented using OpenGL shaders
  • Running on a Yocto-based platform

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KUESA Qt & Qt 3D Realtime Music Box

  • Skeletal animation, imported from Blender via GLTF2
  • Audio synthesis based on played notes
  • Robot arm control or playback speed adjustment from live user input
  • Data input for seamless integration and mixing of design animations
  • Runs on desktop and embedded targets

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KDAB Tools


  • 2D and 3D visualization from cutting edge clinical diagnostics data sets
  • Efficiently handles gigabytes of data
  • Integrates scientific image processing and analysis
  • Built on top of Qt Widgets, QGraphics View, Qt Quick and Qt 3D

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You could see them all at KDAB’s booth at Qt World Summit, November 4 – 6, in Berlin.

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