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KDAB helps unu build Qt-based UI for its second generation electric scooter

Those of you who’ve visited KDAB’s offices in Berlin, will know we have a fleet of electric scooters for our staff. You may have even tried one yourself!

Today, unu, the Berlin-based mobility company that makes them, launches their latest electric scooter – the unu Scooter.

The unu Scooter has been completely redeveloped, is more open to sharing and rental services and has the fastest acceleration you’ll find in any electric scooter, courtesy of its Bosch engine.

KDAB is proud to have supported unu in the building of the digital user interface on the unu Scooter, using Qt on embedded Linux.

The display shows the speed, battery charge, left/right indicator and much more, as well as notifications around battery level. It also has a navigation interface where you can see your GPS route and where you are on the map. For safety reasons, the screen is not a touch interface, instead unu provides a free Owner App which runs on Android/iOS.

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