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Context-sensitive CMake documentation in QtCreator

CMake 3.0 was released last week with many major new features and new Qt integration for uic and rcc. A major change with this CMake release is the new documentation system based on reStructuredText and Sphinx.

Sphinx has the ability to generate Qt Assistant files, so these are now easy to create reproducibly from the CMake source documentation. Generated qch documentation for CMake 3.0.0 is available here. Load it in QtCreator through the “Tools -Options” menu …

Defensive Patent Publication for Qt

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on a prose description of how the type-erased container iteration with QVariant works. The existence of the feature and how it can be used was described in my presentation at DevDays 2013. The slides are available here. The video is not available currently, but will be published RealSoonNow™.

The reason I wrote a prose description of the type-erased iteration features available with Qt 5 was for a defensive patent publication

Meeting C++ trip report.

Earlier this month, KDAB attended the Meeting C++ conference in Düsseldorf as a Gold Sponsor. The conference was well attended by people from across the spectrum of C++ use, and with a wide variety of expertise. Attendees were enthusiastic and interested in getting the most out of C++11, sharing knowledge about the direction of C++, Qt, Boost and tooling. Many worked in the embedded world or on gaming platforms, and many worked mostly or exclusively on in-house applications, rather than …

Modern CMake with Qt and Boost

Last week I attended the MeetingC++ conference with several colleagues. KDAB was a gold sponsor of the conference in Düsseldorf, and I delivered a talk about ‘Modern CMake‘ with Qt and Boost. My slides are available here and the sequence of them is reflected in this post.

As there will be no video recordings posted of the talk, the next best thing is turning my presentation notes into a blog post.

I’ve worked for a while on …

KDAB contributions to Qt 5.1

The release of Qt 5.0 brought to an end the first opportunity in 7 years to break source and binary compatibility for a Qt release. It was a huge effort from across all disciplines and contributions, from design discussions, documentation and development to infrastructure, administration, marketing, testing and packaging.

KDAB made significant contributions to the Qt 5.0 release, and Qt 5.1 is no different. KDAB contributions covered the range of code and documentation patches and release and package testing,…

KDAB at QtCS and Akademy

Starting next weekend, one of the most significant events on the Qt development and contribution calendar is taking place in Bilbao, Spain. The co-located and parallel-running Qt Contributor Summit and Akademy promise to push plans for Qt forward during the coming year.

As an unconference, the format of the Qt Contributor Summit is designed to allow ad-hoc planning in whatever areas are interesting when the required people are available. Some topics are pre-arranged to allow participants to plan their …

KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 5)

Continuing the series on KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 4), this time we cover community involvement, work on the Qt installer, QPointer and QWeakPointer modernization, and various macros.

Community involement

KDAB has been contributing to Qt since before the launch of Open Governance. With the launch of the Qt Project, everything changed regarding how Qt is made.

  • All development and design discussions became ‘open’
  • All who contribute to Qt started to do so as equals
  • All

KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 4)

Continuing the series on KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 1, part 2, part 3), this time we cover C++11, and various optimizations

C++11 support

There have been many people and companies working on C++11 support in Qt 5. KDAB was involved in several Qt 5 features which relate to C++11. An overview of the features in Qt 5 which relate to C++11 is available from a presentation last Autumn.

One of the porting issues

KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 3)

Continuing the series on KDAB contributions to Qt 5.0 (part 1, part 2), this time we cover itemmmodels, effective C++ and janitorial work.

Itemmodels Improvements

As KDAB took on the role of Itemviews Maintainer in Qt 5, naturally we were the primary contributor and reviewer of all itemmodels and itemviews patches.

Several relevant changes have been made in Qt 5. To start with code location, some classes have been moved around to different Qt modules, making them …

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