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Meeting C++ trip report.

Earlier this month, KDAB attended the Meeting C++ conference in Düsseldorf as a Gold Sponsor. The conference was well attended by people from across the spectrum of C++ use, and with a wide variety of expertise. Attendees were enthusiastic and interested in getting the most out of C++11, sharing knowledge about the direction of C++, […]

KDAB contributions to Qt 5.1

The release of Qt 5.0 brought to an end the first opportunity in 7 years to break source and binary compatibility for a Qt release. It was a huge effort from across all disciplines and contributions, from design discussions, documentation and development to infrastructure, administration, marketing, testing and packaging. KDAB made significant contributions to the […]

KDAB at Qt Contributor Summit

p>On the 15th and 16th July this year, KDAB attended the Qt Contributor Summit, which was co-located with the KDE Akademy conference in Bilbao, Spain. The program of the Qt Contributor Summit was mostly determined by who was attending and what the important topics at the time were. KDAB attended the summit with strength, and […]

KDAB at QtCS and Akademy

Starting next weekend, one of the most significant events on the Qt development and contribution calendar is taking place in Bilbao, Spain. The co-located and parallel-running Qt Contributor Summit and Akademy promise to push plans for Qt forward during the coming year. As an unconference, the format of the Qt Contributor Summit is designed to […]