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Context-sensitive CMake documentation in QtCreator

CMake 3.0 was released last week with many major new features and new Qt integration for uic and rcc. A major change with this CMake release is the new documentation system based on reStructuredText and Sphinx.

Sphinx has the ability to generate Qt Assistant files, so these are now easy to create reproducibly from the CMake source documentation. Generated qch documentation for CMake 3.0.0 is available here. Load it in QtCreator through the “Tools -> Options” menu item.

Of course, when the documentation is easily available in QtCreator, the next step is to access it while editing your CMake files. A simple patch to QtCreator will allow navigating to CMake documentation by clicking a command and pressing F1 as usual.


5 thoughts on “Context-sensitive CMake documentation in QtCreator”

  1. This are nice features. But AUTOUIC seems to work only with one ui file in a target. I have a target with 3 ui files for different dialogs (and 3 cpp files) and only the last in my file list is converted from ui to h file. if i change the order and do cmake and build again then for this one a h file from ui file is generated. If this is by intent or for technical reasons it should be mentioned in the documentation.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Steve,

    A little hello from an old acquaintance 🙂

    Thanks for the precompiled qthelp file, just what I needed as I’m going back to working with Qt and CMake again.

    Keep up the good work!

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