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KDAB Training at Qt World Summit Berlin 5th December 2018

KDAB is offered eight superb Training Classes in Berlin, you can see the list below, which includes one run by our long-term collaborator, froglogic. All the rest were delivered by KDAB engineers. There were five classes in our Introductory group, and three in the Advanced. Read the descriptions carefully to see which one you’d have […]

KDAB talks at QtCon 2016

Hello! This is a small wrap-up fromQtCon, the biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016, that happened at the beginning of September. At QtCon the Qt community joined forces with the KDE, FSFE and VideoLAN communities, to create an exciting event in the spirit of open collaboration and participation amongst projects. During QtCon many KDAB […]

Using CMake with Qt 5

CMake is a buildsystem generator developed in the open, and widely used for Qt based development. Especially when creating large or complex software, CMake can be more suitable to use than QMake. KDE was even the tipping point for the popularity of CMake in general, and with Qt 4 in particular, according to Bill Hoffman. […]

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