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Qt 3D Demo – Dodge Viper 2013 SRT

Demonstrates the use of Qt 3D using the QML API to create a high quality, animated 3D visualisation application. The demo shows Qt 3D’s ability to use custom shaders that implement a metal-roughness physics based rendering (PBR) pipeline. The PBR shaders coupled with specially crafted material textures and environment maps gives a very realistic simulation of how light interacts with real world materials. Find out more about PBR here…

The use of dynamic clip or cut planes is shown. These allow to cut away selected surface details to be able to inspect geometry that would otherwise be hidden.

The 2D user interface is seamlessly provided by mixing Qt Quick and Qt 3D content. This allows you to overlay your user interface without having to waste screen real estate. QML also makes it very simple to express relationships between the 2D user interface and the 3D content.

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