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Meeting C++ 2021 November 10-12th

KDAB is yet again a proud Gold sponsor at Meeting C++. The agenda is already up and running and you can already start to plan your attendance.

The agenda

KDAB’s Leon Matthes is presenting his talk ‘Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17’ on day 1, November 10th, 14:00 PM CET. Marc Mutz will present his talk ‘C++20 Coroutines As An API Principle’ on day 2, November 11th, 14:00 PM CET.

While the details are on the website, here’s the full talks list and their speakers:

Day 1

  • Jens Weller: Welcome Message
  • Hana Dusíková: AMA with Hana Dusíková
  • Rainer Grimm: C++ – The hidden pearls
  • Daniel Withopf: Physical Units for Matrices: How Hard Can It Be?
  • Nicolai Josuttis: C++20 – My Favourite Code Examples
  • Filipe Mulonde: The foundation of C++20 atomics: The knowledge you need to correctly use C++20 atomics.
  • Leon Matthes: Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17
  • Slobodan Dmitrovic: How to approach learning and teaching C++?
  • Daniela Engert: A (short) Tour of C++ Modules
  • Dawid Zalewski: To pass and return — the story of functions, values and compilers
  • Andreas Fertig: C++20 Templates: The next level
  • Sean Parent: AMA with Sean Parent
  • Klaus Iglberger: Breaking Dependencies: Type Erasure – A Design Analysis

Day 2

  • Daniela Engert: AMA with Daniela Engert
  • Tina Ulbrich: How to rangify your code
  • Roi Barkan: Argument Passing, Core Guidelines, and Aliasing
  • Christian Eltzschig: Writing sustainable software. The how and the what!
  • Marc Mutz: C++20 Coroutines As An API Principle
  • Peter Sommerlad: What class types we design and how
  • Lucian Teodorescu: Deconstructing Inheritance
  • Kevlin Henney: Program with GUTs
  • Phil Nash: Zen and the art of Code Lifecycle maintenance
  • Marek Krajewski: Two advanced PMR memory allocation techniques in C++17/20
  • Bjarne Stroustrup: AMA with Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Kris Jusiak: ++namedtuple – Python style named tuples in C++20

Day 3

  • Kevlin Henney: AMA with Kevlin Henney
  • Victor Ciura: Exceptional C++
  • Adrian Ostrowski: Building and Packaging Modern C++
  • Matthias Killat: Lock-free programming for real-time systems – how compare-exchange will become your new best friend
  • Julien Jomier: CMake and the future of C++
  • Patricia Aas: Introduction to Memory Exploitation
  • Denis Yaroshevskiy: EVE: A new, powerful open source C++20 SIMD library
  • Ivica Bogosavljevic: My program was running fast six months ago. What happened?
  • Sandor Dargo: The concepts of concepts
  • Daniel Vrátil: C++ Coroutines and Qt
  • Jens Weller: Meeting C++ Update
  • Gabriel Dos Reis: AMA with Gaby Dos Reis


You can still register for the event here…

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