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KUESA 3D Studio Brochure featuring Version 1.2

Download KUESA Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development whitepaperKUESA™ 3D Studio is a complete Design-to-Code Workflow Solution for 3D Assets in Real-time Applications

Building software that is dependent on real-time 3D models – like for example an automotive dashboard, MRI machine, factory control system or furniture design tool – requires 3D designers and 3D programmers, each with very different skill sets, to work together in a smoothly operating workflow.

Usually, the assets created by 3D artists have to be hand-tweaked by developers to make things work. Similarly, in order to see how designs will actually look, designers are forced to move their designs to unfamiliar target hardware. This manual work creates an artificial wall between 3D artists and software engineers, prohibiting rapid iteration and the fine-tuning required to develop fast and high-quality results.

To eliminate this problem KDAB created KUESA 3D Studio, a workflow solution that lets designers use the tools they know best to give developers and managers exactly what they need for rapid WYSIWYG product iteration.

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