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IPC Unigy Pulse – Trader Phone

Real-world implementation and optimization of a Qt Quick user interface for an embedded device.

We have all seen the classic scene from movies where a trader is on the phone (well usually several phones at the same time) making a deal worth a fortune.

These phones are anything but regular desktop phones. They are specially designed and developed for traders with their unique needs. Among those needs are the possibility to have multiple calls active, prioritization of calls, sharing phone lines among lots of traders, and many other special features.

One of the key players in the marker for trader phones are IPC. KDAB has worked closely together with them since 2005 to develop several different phones, both for the trader himself, and most lately for his support staff, called Unigy Pulse.

During this co-operation KDAB provided staff to help with the development.

The challenges we faced were among other things:

  • Learning about IPC’s domain (these phones are completely unrelated to normal phones)
  • Implementing the UI specified by a graphical company down to the last pixel
  • Fine tuning our implementation so it was fluent on the relatively slow hardware
  • Abstracting and implementing a back-end for simulating the actual hardware
  • Configuring Qt to perform optimally on the chosen hardware

Read more about the IPC Unigy Pulse…

IPC Unigy Puls

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