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Webinar – Introducing Qt 3D

Right where you are on June 15th

On June 15th at 18:00 CET KDAB and the Qt Company will present a one hour webinar on Qt 3D featuring KDAB’s Dr Sean Harmer, leader of the team on the Qt 3D work within Qt, and KDAB’s Paul Lemire.

The one hour webinar Introducing Qt 3D will help you:

  • understand the features and scope of Qt 3D
  • learn the basic principles of the Qt 3D rendering system

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Qt 3D is a framework built on top of Qt that allows easy integration of high performance 3D graphics via C++ or QML APIs. Qt 3D has a very powerful, data-driven renderer with a flexible materials system that allows users to harness the full power of modern OpenGL.

Find out more about OpenGL.

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