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Analyzing Performance of QtQuick Applications Thomas McGuire

Using the QML engine and QtQuick scenegraph to introspect and analyze performance. Abstract: A fluid and performant user interface in QtQuick applications is an important factor, especially considering that users increasingly demand an “iPhone-like” experience, while at same time, applications often run on a resource-constrained embedded system. What can be done when a QtQuick application […]

QtWebChannel – Bridging the Gap between HTML and Qt Milian Wolff

Abstract: The new QtWebChannel module is a ready-to-use solution to make any QObject accessible to arbitrary JavaScript clients. KDAB already uses it in production for a client project on embedded devices, where it proofed to be an essential part for the HTML app framework embedded in a QML chrome. Thanks to QObject introspection, any object […]

DIY moc – Dynamic Meta Objects Volker Krause

Abstract: Moc’s job is two-fold: it generates the qt_metacall() member function that dispatches incoming calls to slots and implements reading and writing of properties, and it generates the QMetaObject containing information about what signals, slots and properties are available, providing runtime introspection capabilities. All of this is fixed at compile time though, a limitation that […]

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