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QtCon Videos On-line

We’re delighted all the QtCon talks have now been released, thanks to the hard work of the folks at KDE.

Many KDABians attended QtCon and contributed to the unique new Qt event we co-created in Berlin, September 2016, along with Qt Contributors, KDE Akademy, VideoLan and FSFE.

KDAB funded the event upfront and was Gold sponsor at QtCon along with The Qt Company. We also ran a training day showing our commitment to supporting not just Qt at the leading edge but also C++, OpenGL, CMake and more, at a fraction of the usual cost.

But our contribution to the program was the most notable. We contributed 11 talks, participated in the program committee and arranged the program, the overall quality of which speaks for itself.

The event itself was free, and enabled by a wide range of sponsors in addition to KDAB and The Qt Company.

Google and bluesystems at Silver, basyskom, BMW Group, froglogic, Intel and e-Gits at Bronze and openSUSE, woboq, Pelagicore, openinvention network and Ableton at Support level all helped make this outstanding event possible. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from community members of all the organising groups as well as the newcomers. Thanks again to all. We couldn’t have done it without you.

See the KDAB QtCon talks here.

The full program is available here.


2 thoughts on “QtCon Videos On-line”

  1. Hello:
    Thanks for the information… only a detail. The correct name of the KDE meeting is “Akademy” not “Akademi”.
    I will promote this in my blog.
    Best regards

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