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Meeting C++ 2020 November 12 - 14



The Schedule, Talks and Speakers are now online for this ever growing ‘partly virtual ‘event for the European C++ community. KDAB is proud to be a Gold sponsor this year.

This year’s online conference features eleven talks in one track. On November 14th you can see a talk from KDAB’s Marc Mutz: Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit.

While the details are on the website, here’s the full talks list and their speakers:

  • How C++20 changes the way we write code by Timur Doumler
  • Hidden Features and Traps of C++ Move Semantics by Nicolai Josuttis
  • C++ Concepts vs Rust Traits vs Haskell Typeclasses vs Swift Protocols by Conor Hoekstra
  • Template Shenanigans: Testing, debugging and benchmarking template code by Jonathan O’Connor
  • Building an Intuition for Composition by Sy Brand
  • The Static Initialization Order Fiasco – How to Properly Initialize Global State by Jonathan Müller
  • Lambdas, uses and abuses by Dawid Zalewski
  • OO Considered Harmful by Phil Nash
  • Calling Functions: A Tutorial by Klaus Iglberger
  • 40 Years Of Evolution from Functions to Coroutines by Rainer Grimm
  • Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit by Marc Mutz

Meeting C++ 2020 is planned as a hybrid event, where a few folks can attend in Berlin according to the COVID-19 rules. The larger part of the conference will happen online.

Sign up for Meeting C++ 2020.

Find out more about Meeting C++ and how it’s grown, from Jens Weller, who created the event.

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