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KDAB to host European Qt Developer Conference

The Qt Developer Days conference, held annually in Germany and Silicon Valley, has long been the highlight of the Qt calendar. The Developer Days have provided an excellent and important opportunity to meet peers, learn about new technology and developments in Qt, market and ecosystem news, train and explore the services and product offerings of the Qt ecosystem.

As a long established and prominent member of the Qt ecosystem, KDAB recognizes the importance and need to ensure a strong Qt gathering in Europe continues to occur. Nokia, traditionally the host of Qt Developer Days, are currently undergoing transformation and  have not committed yet to running the event.

As a result, and in cooperation with ICS, KDAB have decided to host the Qt Developer Conference to ensure this important event happens. While ICS will lead the efforts around the US event, KDAB will lead the European event. Together, and with the help and input of the wider Qt ecosystem, we are assembling a terrific agenda of lectures, presentations, trainings, and labs, focusing both on the latest technologies introduced with Qt 5, as well as the tried-and-true technologies in use today.

The conference will be held in Berlin, Germany, around the middle of November; we hope to be able to announce a venue and the final dates shortly. More information will be available at as preparations progress.

We hope to see you there!

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