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KDAB holds Qt 5.0 bugfixing sprint

The Qt 5.0 release machine is rolling forward. Having released Qt 5 beta 2 earlier this month, the Qt contributor community is now aiming to create a first release candidate for Qt 5.0.

The number of open bugs blocking the release is shrinking daily. Remaining tasks are mostly related to packaging, documentation, polishing examples, and several functional bugs.

KDAB has been and remains part of the Qt development community, and like everyone else, we want to see the final release of Qt 5.0 by the end of this year. To that end, KDAB will hold a company wide sprint on Friday where all engineers are free to volunteer to help join the effort.

The event is affectionately called “All hands on deck for Qt 5.0” and we invite anyone from the Qt community who can spare the time join in our efforts in the #qt-labs IRC channel, whether this Friday or at another time.

1 thought on “KDAB holds Qt 5.0 bugfixing sprint”

  1. These documentation issues that are on kde wiki really belong on qt-project JIRA, so that maintainers of those modules know that there are actual issues and fix or comment on them if needed.

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