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KDAB at Embedded World Nuremberg February 27th to March 1st

Get your free ticket to Embedded World Nuremberg, courtesy of KDAB. Meet us on the Qt stand, Hall 4-258.

This year we have a training info point where you can find out about our on-site or scheduled, Introductory or Advanced courses in Qt, Modern C++, Qt 3D, OpenGL, Profiling and Debugging and more.

Or you can Ask the Experts if you have technical questions about any of these technologies, and get our latest publications, including a paper on C++ Modernization.

At Embedded World this year we will show the Qt Quick Software Renderer in action on the very competitively priced NXP i.MX6 ULL platform.

It’s challenging to provide a fluid 60fps touch UI and H.264 video decoding on such hardware, with no GPU or hardware video decoding acceleration. Yet it’s very much possible, having the full feature set of Qt at your disposal, even with as little as 64MB of RAM and/or Flash memory. We’ll be giving you the full story in a blog post soon:

Qt Quick Software Renderer

  • NXP i.MX6 ULL (no GPU/VPU/IPU)
  • 64MB RAM/Flash
  • Fluid 60fps touch UI
  • H.264 video decoding using PxP acceleration
  • Full Qt feature set available

Other demos on display:

CCI 1200 Agricultural Machinery Terminal

  • intelligent control where the driver needs it

Qi – Cellular Tissue Imaging in Qt 3D

  • using pictures to help profile and diagnose disease

Qt Automotive Suite

  • a comprehensive package for automotive IVI systems

KDAB GammaRay

  • letting you see your Qt code live at runtime

Clazy Static Code Analyzer

  • the Qt-oriented code checker and clang plug-in

KDAB Hotspot Profiler for C++

  • a GUI making Linux Perf accessible

See more on our demos here.

Get your free ticket and meet us on the Qt stand, Hall 4-258.

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