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KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit – 2017 Qt 3D, tooling, UIs, game engines and more

13 was our lucky number this year at Qt World Summit. We offered a pre-conference training day with a choice of 13 classes and KDAB experts delivered 13 of the great talks, with subjects covering the Qt spectrum across the stack. You can read more and access the talks here, meanwhile we’d like to tell you about our demos.

KDAB was Diamond Sponsor and our booth was always packed, not least because of our fantastic array of must-see demos, two of which demonstrated talks from KDAB customer showcases: Imaging Tissue Architecture: The Next Frontier in Battling Cancer from Qi (Quantitative Imaging Systems), and Game Engine Evolution: From Tech to UX from Amazon Lumberyard.

Our City Lights display allowed us to demonstrate Qt 3D’s capabilities as a performant next-generation graphics engine, which can draw thousands of lights and objects simultaneously, and we showed off the latest releases of some of our signature KDAB tooling, like GammaRay and Hotspot which KDAB offers to the community.

KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit

Amazon Lumberyard

  • Fully-featured game engine
  • Editor with Qt user interface
  • Complex custom UI controls
  • Modern, fast, flexible, customizable UI

Qi – Cellular Tissue Imaging in Qt 3D

  • 3D visualization of microscopy of tissue samples
  • 2D images from cutting edge clinical diagnostics data sets
  • Real-time conversion to 3D from 30 image channels using Qt 3D

CCI 1200 Agricultural Machinery Terminal

  • User-interface for advanced agritechnical machinery
  • Easy access to multiple apps
  • Multi-process architecture with QtQuick, QtWayland on Linux

KDAB GammaRay

High-level introspection tool for Qt applications
  • Insight into Qt Quick and Qt 3D scene graphs
  • Visual state machine debugger
  • Inspect models, layouts, rendering and much more

KDAB Hotspot Profiler

  • GUI for Linux Perf to analyze profiling data
  • Bottom-Up and Top-Down tree views
  • Caller/Callee list
  • FlameGraph
  • Time line

Qt 3D City Lights Display

  • Massive deferred lighting using light volumes and custom shaders
  • Procedural traffic animation evaluated on the GPU
  • Procedural city building generation

Meiller Diagnostics

  • Diagnosis tool to support truck drivers in the field
  • Mobile application, embedded system on the truck
  • Uses CAN-Bus messages (UDS/ISO-TP)
  • UI/UX design by KDAB

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