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KDAB at Squish Days Europe, Munich Oct 17-18, 2019

KDAB will be supporting our training partner, froglogic, at this event in Munich dedicated to Squish, the automated GUI tester we are proud to support.

Complete with live demo-ing, Tobias Naetterlund, KDAB’s foremost Squish expert, will be giving a talk showing how to control multiple clients simultaneously on one or more machines, using this versatile tool:

Load testing with Squish

In a client-server architecture, ensuring the server can run perfectly, even under load, is as vital as making sure the client functionality is correct. In some cases, you can have your Squish tests talk directly to the server in order to test the functionality under load, but in order to set up as realistic server usage scenarios as possible, it would be beneficial to instead use Squish’s playback functionality for controlling multiple clients simultaneously, and have them talk to the server the way they normally would during daily usage.

In this talk, the presenter will outline an approach for load testing a server backend by controlling multiple client frontends simultaneously. We will discuss a number of challenges you may run into, and various approaches of attacking them. As we will start from the basics, no previous Squish knowledge is necessary.

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