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KDAB at SIGGRAPH – 2018 how it went

KDAB had a great time at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, August 12-16. We were in a good position as part of the Qt booth, which was highly visible and got lots of visitors. A key attraction was the Nanoquill #color4cancer Wall, mentioned in the talk given at SIGGRAPH by Michel Nederlof and Daniel Szecket of Quantitative Imaging Systems. Michel was at our booth, and visitors had a lot of fun coloring in huge images of cancer cells, and uploading their efforts to the Nanoquill site to contribute to cancer research. Our related Qi Tissue demo, showing the work KDAB has done for Qi using Qt 3D to help visualize miscroscopic data from tissue samples, was a key attraction also. You can download more about all this here. The Qt Company strongly featured Python (PySide2) and so our latest Tron Frame Graph demo was quite a hit. We hope to see you at next year’s SIGGRAPH!    


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