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KDAB at Embedded World, Nuremberg 25 - 27 February

Embedded World – 25-27 February 2020

February 2020 will be the tenth year that KDAB exhibits at Embedded World, in Nuremberg, Germany.

When we started exhibiting, there were only five halls compared to today’s seven, so the event continues to grow and remain relevant, in a world where most interaction takes place on-line. In those ten years, trends have come and gone, with the emphasis moving from medical devices to industrial equipment and ‘automotive everywhere’, while slowly but surely software has taken center stage.

Hardware is still important, but there is less and less differentiating factor in electronics and casings when creating an embedded device nowadays, so we believe only software can really give a product the edge it needs to be successful.

At our booth in Hall 4-258, we will once again demonstrate some examples of this we are proud of, using C++, Qt/QML and 3D…

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