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KDAB at Embedded World 2019 26 to 28 February, Nuremberg

KDAB at Embedded World, Nuremberg

In February 2019, KDAB will once again be the main Qt partner at the Qt Booth, Hall 4-258, at Embedded World, in Nuremberg, Germany.

This is the biggest Embedded conference in Europe and, in 2018, hosted over 1000 exhibitors and over 32000 visitors. Get your free pass here using Code: B401904

This year KDAB will show four profiling and debugging tools for Qt, C++ and 3D,  customer showcases for Medical, Automotive and Industrial and much more.

Pick up our latest Training brochure or talk to our engineers at our booth. Take advantage of our 3D graphics expertise in OpenGL, OpenCL, WebGL, Shaders, Vulkan and Qt 3D.

Performance enhancing tools you will see at our booth

KDAB GammaRay

  • High-level introspection tool for Qt applications
  • Insight into Qt Quick and Qt 3D scene graphs
  • Visual state machine debugger
  • Inspect models, layouts, rendering and much more

Latest GammaRay release blog


KDAB Hotspot Profiler

  • GUI for Linux Perf to analyze profiling data
  • Bottom-Up and Top-Down tree views
  • Caller/Callee list
  • FlameGraph
  • Time line

Latest blog on Hotspot


Heaptrack Profiler

  • Heap memory profiler and analysis GUI for Linux
  • Bottom-Up and Top-Down tree views
  • Caller/Callee list
  • FlameGraph, Time charts
  • Allocation Histogram

Latest Heaptrack release blog


Clazy Static Code

  • LLVM/Clang-based static analyzer for Qt
  • Highlights Qt-related bugs, performance issues or unneeded memory allocations
  • Code rewrite for common tasks like porting to the Qt 5 connect syntax
  • Seamless integration with most existing build systems

Latest Clazy release blog

Other demos include a new 3D solution and a client showcase

Kuesa: 3D asset creation and integration workflow

  • Streamlined integration of 3D content from e.g. 3DS Max and Blender
  • High-performance real-time rendering
  • Uses Qt and Qt 3D engine
  • Available on desktop and embedded

Release blog and tutorial videos


Qi: Cellular Tissue Imaging in Qt 3D

  • 3D visualization of microscopy of tissue samples
  • 2D images from cutting edge clinical diagnostics data sets
  • Real-time conversion to 3D from 30 image channels using Qt 3D

Solving cancer, the video


Qt Quick Software renderer

  • NXP i.MX6 ULL (no GPU/VPU/IPU)
  • Fluid 60fps touch UI
  • 64MB RAM/Flash
  • H.264 video decoding using PxP acceleration
  • Full Qt feature set available

Blog and video


The NanoQuill Wall

  • where visitors will be invited to help Color for Cancer
  • sponsored by KDAB, Qi Systems and  the Qt Company

The NanoQuill project



Meet us at Embedded World.

Get your free pass here using Code: B401904

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