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KDAB at Embedded World 2018 27th February - March 1st, Nuremberg

Come visit KDAB and join in the fun at the Qt booth: Hall 4-258!

See for yourself our spectacular demos showing our work in Qt, C++ and Qt 3D, including some of KDAB’s best known tools, GammaRay, Hotspot and Clazy, developed to enhance efficiency in our client projects, and Qt Automotive Suite – taking the hassle out of developing for automotive, using Qt.

The full list:

CCI 1200 Agricultural Machinery Terminal

  • putting unprecedented analysis and control directly into the driver’s cab.

– find out more

Qi – Cellular Tissue Imaging in Qt 3D

  • taking the hunt for a cure for cancer to new levels.

– find out more

KDAB GammaRay

  • KDAB’s runtime introspection tool for Qt applications – look out for next month’s release of v. 2.9.

– find out more

Qt Automotive Suite

  • integrating GammaRay deeply into Qt Creator and providing a comprehensive package for automotive needs, including the powerful Qt 3D framework, also developed by KDAB.

– find out more

KDAB Hotspot Profiler 

  • the GUI for Linux perf profiler that addresses performance issues on C++ applications. Look out for next month’s new Hotspot release from KDAB’s Milian Wolff!

 – find out more

Clazy Static Code Analyzer

  • the open source Qt-oriented code checker and clang plug-in supported by KDAB, which can analyse your C++ code.

– find out more


Qt Quick Software Renderer

  • Provides a fluid 60fps touch UI and H.264 video decoding on hardware with no GPU or hardware video decoding acceleration, with the full feature set of Qt and with as little as 64MB of RAM and/or Flash memory:

– find out more

Find out more about nanoquill – the innovative coloring book KDAB designed and co-sponsored, allowing all of us to contribute to cancer research.

This year we’ve a training info point where you can find out about our renowned on-site or Scheduled training for Qt, Modern C++, Qt 3D, OpenGL, Profiling and Debugging and more. Also, there will be an Ask the Experts info point where you can ask about any of the above technologies.

Save the dates and book yourself a meeting with one of our Qt, C++ or OpenGL experts on-site.

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