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KDAB at Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg June 21st - 23rd

After two years of frustration and delays, Embedded World is finally back and KDAB was there at the Qt booth, number 258 in Hall 4.

As usual we showed some great demos – updates to some golden oldies, and some brand new ones.

We were impressed at the number of visitors who turned up, as well as the exhibitors – most of the usual suspects were there.

KDAB Demos at Embedded World

We showed two brand new demos, which received a lot of attention.

1.  A brand new Kuesa 3D demo, particularly suited for the automotive cluster. It shows how you can change 3D assets from Blender via rsync while the app is still running… on an iMX8… without a cooling fan! We got very positive feedback.

Demo features include:

  • realistic, animated realtime renderings composed into real world footage
  • a showroom scene with the car, animations and its current state
  • a navigation scene with a dynamically generated 3D map
  • a dynamic drive assistant scene.

This demo also shows the workflow and how designers can easily update 3d assets.

See the demo in action.

Kuesa 3D is a complete design-to-code software toolkit for 3D in real-time applications, tailored for developers and designers needing to integrate high performance 3D into their 2D embedded or desktop UI in the most efficient way. Find out more.

2. We also showed a demo based on Rust for Qt Bindings that we’re very excited about. The demo is a sensor accumulator that reads sensor data from several clients that are connected to it over the internet. It shows what makes Rust the ideal language for such an application, including Memory safety, Easy Error handling and protection against malicious input and Simple and Safe concurrency with both hardware threads, as well as futures.

Visitors could take a look at the code to see how easy it is to write Code using CXX-Qt.


  • Safe Rust Bindings for Qt
  • Allows for idiomatic Rust and C++ code
  • Clear separation of concerns
  • Easy integration into existing applications
  • Allows for easy multi-threading in Rust
  • Uses CXX internally to provide a safe bridge.

See the demo in action.

Find out more about CXX-Qt.

Check out our repository:

Speidels Braumeister

We showed the display for the Braumeister beer brewing machine – the hot product from a longstanding top quality container company who took the leap into the digital UI space, with our help, some years back.

  • UI and process control for a home brewing appliance
  • Rich and intuitive Qt Quick frontend
  • Adapted to cost-effective hardware
  • Yocto-based platform customization
  • KDAB provided full-stack support from BSP to UI effects

Watch the video.

Download the Case study.

Unu Dashboard for electric scooter

The electric scooter everyone wants, with a digital dashboard developed by KDAB while Unu engineers focused on other parts of the stack.

  • Navigation framework integrated with Qt Quick scene
  • Speedometer implemented using OpenGL shaders
  • Running on a Yocto-based platform

Watch the video.

Download the Case Study.

Check out the latest unu models.

KDAB GammaRay

  • GammaRay
    • High-level introspection tool for Qt applications
    • Insight into Qt Quick and Qt 3D scene graphs
    • Visual state machine debugger
    • Inspect models, layouts, rendering and much more

Learn about GammaRay.

Profiling and Analysis Tools

Note: Embedded World 2023 dates are announced: March 14 – 16, 2023

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