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Demos at Qt World Summit 2020 Palm Springs, October 20-22

Qt World Summit 2020 in Palm Springs, CA has been postponed and the new date is October 20-22.

KDAB will be Gold Sponsor. As well as a range of talks and 3 one-day training classes, we will also present an array of exciting demos in the KDAB booth. Check them out!

KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit, 2020

Speidels Braumeister, Demos at Qt World Summit 2020

  • UI and process control for a home brewing appliance
  • Rich and intuitive Qt Quick frontend
  • Adapted to cost-effective hardware
  • Yocto-based platform customization
  • KDAB provided full-stack support from BSP to UI effects

Unu Dashboard for electric scooter, Demos at Qt World Summit 2020

  • Navigation framework integrated with Qt Quick scene
  • Speedometer implemented using OpenGL shaders
  • Running on a Yocto-based platform

Watch the video

Download the Case Study

KUESA™ 3D Runtime on i.MX 8M

, Demos at Qt World Summit 2020

  • Performance optimized real-time rendering
  • Streamlined integration of 3D content from DCC like Blender
  • Seamless integration into Qt / QML / Qt 3D
  • Intuitive/artistic approach of defining new “Iro Materials”

Watch a tutorial on Kuesa

QiTissue: Big data and image visualizer

, Demos at Qt World Summit 2020

  • 2D and 3D visualization from cutting edge clinical diagnostics data sets
  • Efficiently handles gigabytes of data
  • Integrates scientific image processing and analysis
  • Built on top of Qt Widgets, Qt Graphics View, Qt Quick, and Qt 3D
  • Embedded on a Linux Tegra board (3D)

Watch the video…

KDAB Profiling and Analysis Tools

tooling and profiling kdab


New demo coming soon!



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