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Hotspot v1.4.0 Better Disassembly View and More...

Hotspot 1.4.0 has been released!

Hotspot is a replacement for perf report. It’s a GUI for the perf profiler that takes a file, parses and evaluates its contents, and then displays the result in a graphical way.

This feature release contains close to 400 commits since the last stable v1.3.0 release. It comes with its usual assorted list of bug fixes and performance improvements along with new features.

One of the most notable new features in Hotspot 1.4.0 is a greatly improved disassembly view with a godbolt-like source code annotation:


Several other new features come with this release of Hotspot as well, including:

  • the self cost columns for tracepoints are now hidden by default, as they would always show 0 except for the function that contains the tracepoint. the inclusive cost column is much more useful
  • more flexible window layouting with KDDockWidgets
  • you can export and import data from hotspot in a custom format that is efficient to load and self-contained, meaning exported data can be read on any other machine with hotspot and does not require access to the original client application code for unwinding anymore note: this feature is broken in this release when using the AppImage, see #441 and stay tuned for a 1.4.1 release that will contain a fix for this issue
  • analysis data can be grouped by thread, process or CPU
  • demangling for the D programming language
  • a new frequency page that shows how often certain events got measured, which can also indicate the CPU frequency scaling when cycles are measured
  • new GitHub actions based CI and continuous AppImage build


Get Hotspot 1.4.0 here.

Read more about Hotspot and its background here.


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