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What’s New in KD Reports 1.7? Released 22-09

The latest release of KD Reports further enhances your ability to get printable and exportable reports from code and XML descriptions.

For those who like using CMake instead of qmake, you’ll be glad to know KD Reports now comes with a fully functioning CMake buildsystem (see INSTALL-cmake.txt).

In addition, we have added Frame element and Report::setDocumentName(), to be able to set a name for your print job, and AutoTableElement::NonBreakableLinesRole to forbid word-wrapping in individual table cells.

In the Preview dialog, you will now find a “Save…” button, which brings up a file dialog for saving as PDF. We have also added setDefaultSaveDirectory() to set the initial directory for that file dialog and setDirectoryBrowsingEnabled() to allow or forbid choosing the save directory.

Also in the Preview dialog we have added setQuickPrinterName(QString), which shows a new button saying “Print with [printerName]” for quick printing without the print dialog.

In Spreadsheet mode we have added a number of new features, listed below.

  • support for cells spanning multiple rows or columns.
  • honour the settings for border size, border color and header background brush.
  • support for multiline text (with explicit ‘\n’)
  • support for fixed row heights (see example Labels).



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