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What is GammaRay? – 3 reasons to start using it today

What is GammaRay?  For starters, it’s a powerful electromagnetic wave, as well as a way to treat cancer. It’s also an under-appreciated German speed metal band. And it’s what gives Dr. Bruce Banner his big green alter ego. But Qt aficionados will know the GammaRay that we’re talking about is an uber-powerful Qt debugger and introspection tool. If you’re […]

Gammaray 1.3.2 is here!

This is mainly a bugfix release.  Highlights are: Support more Qt5-specific data types Fix crash on some QtQuick2 applications Support VTK6 Fix compilation with Mac OSX 10.6 Fix GDB injector on Mac OSX Fix launching of bundles on Mac OSX Add fallback if function overwriting fails in MSVC release builds Fix WinDLL injector with Qt5 Fix […]

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