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KDDockWidgets 1.4.0 Released!

kddockwidgets logoKDDockWidgets 1.4.0 has been released! KDDockWidgets is a framework for custom-tailored docking systems in Qt.

This is a major release with new features and lots of fixes.

KDDockWidgets 1.4.0 Overview

The big highlights of KDDockWidgets 1.4.0 are the experimental MDI support and the new declarative API for QtQuick:

  • By using MainWindowMDI, you can now have “docked” widgets, which are free to be arbitrarily positioned and even overlapped inside the main window.
  • On the QtQuick side of things, lots of stabilization has been made but, more importantly, we have a new API. So you can instantiate dock widgets directly in QML instead of in the more low level C++.

Besides that, 1.4.0 contains many other bug fixes.

For more information…

The release highlights and version 1.4.0 itself can be found at:

Prebuilt packages for some popular Linux distributions are here:

KDAB provides homebrew formulas for Mac users, at

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