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KD Chart 2.6.0 released

KD Chart 2.6.0 is a maintenance release with a limited number of new features.

This release publishes feature additions and bugfixes since KD Chart 2.5.1.

KDAB continues to offer a commercial license without flat fee support for KD Chart.

Features: – Code updated to compile with Qt 5.6 – Optional line breaking for horizontal legends added – Included examples and demos were extended – Diagram display ranges can be made dynamic on one end and fixed on the other end – Grid lines can now be drawn only on axis annotations; this allows entirely custom grid lines. Bug fixes: – Fixed several problems with layouts not updating when they should – Fixed several layout problems with axis labels – Many minor visual and logic bugs fixed in the included examples and demos – BarDiagram::setFixedBarWidth() now works as documented; previously it changed the width, but the result was not exactly the intended width – Fixed first data point not shown when markers were set to visible in Plotter – Fixed several issues when painting a chart using an external QPainter – Fixed invalid memory access in Chart::setCoordinatePlaneLayout() – Fixed painting off by one pixel in bar diagrams with horizontal bars – Fixed data boundaries reflecting the previous instead of current state of the data model under certain conditions – Data points with value NaN are now skipped instead of treated as zero

See the KD Chart page.


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