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Heaptrack v1.3.0 Release

Version 1.3.0 of the KDE Heaptrack project was just released by KDAB’s Milian Wolff.

Heaptrack is a heap memory profiler on Linux-based operating systems. It can help you find hotspots that need to be optimized for reducing memory usage, memory leaks, allocation hotspots, and temporary allocations.

Included in this release is a special new feature that NetworkRADIUS hired KDAB to develop: support for custom suppression files, including support for per-application embedded default suppression lists. This can be done by the same API that is already used by LSAN: __lsan_default_suppressions. KDAB is always more than happy to make improvements to products for their customers. And this change even made it into the very next release! Thanks to NetworkRADIUS for bringing this forward.

This release also brings you filtering by time ranges. All you have to do to filter by time range is select a range of time and right click. The ability to see the difference between the two time points that results from this action is a very helpful new feature in the workflow of the heap memory analysis.


Heaptrack v1.3.0 comes with many more important bug fixes and improvements and new features.

To read more about what’s new in Heaptrack 1.3.0 and to get the source code, visit

To read a bit of Heaptrack’s backstory, visit

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